Searching for academic articles

As a member of NUA you have access to a number of journal databases – take a look at our e-journals page. You can search these using your topic keywords to find journal articles relevant to your subject. If you are new to journal searching, just ask your Assistant Librarian to help you get started. If you are having difficulties downloading the full text of an article you have found, please let us know – 

How do I search or browse for online journal articles on Discovery? 

Use the “Publication” search at the top of the Discovery page to search or browse publications that NUA subscribes to:Publication search

You can then see which years NUA has access to, and you can search for articles within that journal, e.g:

Article search

Alternatively you can search for titles and articles within the regular Discovery search box (at the top of every page on this website).

To narrow your search to journal articles, filter results using the radio buttons on the left of the search page, e.g. “Academic Journals”.

How do I read an online article?

You can click on the blue button underneath the article information to open up a version to read. Often this will be a PDF of the text, or a link to the text on another page:

Pdf button

You can also click on the article title (in blue, see above) and you will be taken to a page where you can see further details.

Here you can see the abstract (a short summary of the article), the details you need to create a reference (e.g. the journal title and date), and keywords that you can use in future searches.

NUA subscribes to many databases in order to give you access to a wide range of journal titles and articles. This means you have access to paid-for content that you won’t be able to access via Google!