Referencing images

How do I reference images?

When you include an image in your work, you need to ensure you give it a figure number (and a brief, descriptive caption, if you wish).

For example:

image of Dorothea Lange

Figure 1        

image of Dorothea Lange

Figure 1: Migrant Mother, 1936










When you refer to the image in your text, you need to include an appropriate in-text citation for the source of the image:

Figure 1 (Lange, 1936) is striking in its depiction of desparation and despair suffered during the Great Depression.


Then put the full reference for the image in your bibliography as normal OR if you are writing a piece of work which requires a Table of Illustrations, then put the image reference in the Table of Illustrations instead. The full reference for the photograph above would be:

Lange, D. (1936) Migrant mother. Available at: (Accessed 12 August 2019).


Remember, if you haven’t referred to an image anywhere in your writing, then the image should not be included in your final submission.

Referencing images - quick guide
Download the NUA quick guide to referencing images in your work.

What is a Table of Illustrations?

A Table of Illustrations is simply a list of all your figures in number order, with their full Harvard reference (you do not put the image itself in a Table of Illustrations).

At NUA a formal Table of Illustrations is usually only needed for your Year 3 Research Report, but it’s good practice to include one for all your work, even if it is just jotted down on the back of a display board or sketchbook.

Here is an example of a Table of Illustrations:

Figure Illustration Page
Figure 1 Turner, J. M. W. (1839) The Fighting Temeraire tugged to her last berth to be broken up [Oil on canvas]. Available at: (Accessed: 4 June 2019) 3
Figure 2 RIBA (1982) Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, University of East Anglia Norwich: sketched section illustrating the effect of light and head on reflecting panels on the roof and walls. Available at: (Accessed 12 May 2019) 6
Figure 3 Sharples, C. (2019) Detail on the exterior of the Jarrolds building, Norwich city centre [Photograph] 7
Figure 4 Bellon, D. & Bellon, K. (2010) Typography for the people. Cincinnati: HOW Books, p. 21 9

Check with your tutor if you are unsure if a Table of Illustrations is needed.