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Welcome to the Library and Learning Support website!

For general, up to date library information see the welcome page:

We hope you find everything you need, below are a few tips you might need to navigate the library.

Library Tours

Sign up on the VLE for a 20 minute tour of the library, a great chance to ask any questions and find out more about the collections we house.

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Search site: an easy way to find a page that mentions something you’re interested in, e.g. “Referencing”, or “Dyslexia”

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NB “Search Discovery” will take you to the Library catalogue. We have written some tips on how to use this or just ask us and we will help you.

Filter resources by course or type

Publications can now be filtered by type (journal or magazine), by course (very handy!), or by status (archived / current / open access). Have a look at resources for other courses too, you might find something unexpected.

Online resources can be filtered by “type” (e.g. ebook) or course. Really handy for finding which resources are specifically recommended for you and your course.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure how these filters work, just ask us, we love answering your questions!

Getting help

Please ask us questions at the library helpdesk and at the office behind it, whether it is a lost book or you are looking for the toilets we are here to help! We are also running a virtual helpdesk, so please do feel free to ask us anything.


We have 500,000+ ebooks that you can read from anywhere, and a lot of you have said that you find ebooks easier to use, particularly if you’re dyslexic. We’ve written a guide to finding ebooks, as well as some tips and tricks to getting the most out of them, e.g. searching with an ebook for an artist or keyword – this will save you loads of time!

Getting started

Below are some e-bookshelves that we put together that we thought would be useful to new and returning students. Simply click a bookshelf to access the ebooks, or learn more about our ebooks here.

Graphic of Study Skills shelf
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We would love to know what you think about the website, please email with any comments and suggestions. We are always thinking of ways to improve things for you, so we welcome your feedback.

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