Printing, copying, scanning (and copyright!)

Printing and copying

PhotocopierThere are two colour printers / photocopiers on the ground floor of the Library. You will need money in your Papercut account in order to retrieve your printing.

If you need any help sending work to the printers, or retrieving printing, please ask.

Please remember when you are photocopying library material that you are copying someone else’s work. There are copyright notices beside the printers which explain what you can and cannot copy, and all copying should be done for your own personal study only.

If you are a lecturer copying for teaching reasons please see copyright details below.

Printing and photocopying charges

A3 Single Sided Colour 48p | Double Sided Colour 86p

A4 Single Sided Colour 24p | Double Sided Colour 43p

A3 Single Sided BW 8p | Double Sided BW 16p

A4 Single Sided BW 4p | Double Sided BW 8p

For more details on printing and support available please check the intranet. 

Papercut logo

Papercut – topping up your account

You pay for your printing via your Papercut account. The main way of topping up your account is via the portal online.

Click here for a guide to topping up. 

You can also top up using at the NUA Shop in Duke Street, or Finance Department in Francis House.


ScannerThere are a two A3 and two A4 scanners on the first floor of the Library.

If you would like any help using these, please ask.

From September 2018 the library will be offering to scan chapters on behalf of course teams for uploading to the VLE. Please contact the library if you wish to make use of this service.

Our Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) licence allows copying and scanning for educational purposes under the following conditions:

  • You may only copy/scan from items already owned by NUA Library
  • You may only copy/scan one chapter or 10% of a book, whichever is greater, or one article in a journal issue
  • Only one short story from an anthology or collection may be copied/scanned, or one poem of up to 10 pages
  • You may not copy/scan printed music, maps, newspapers, or student workbooks
  • There are some exceptions to the licence so you may check whether an item is covered by using the Check Permissions search tool available on the CLA website
  • All scanning activity must be reported every year to the Copyright Licensing Agency

If you make scans which you want to upload to the VLE you must do the following:

What if I already have a digital copy of the chapter/article and want to upload that to the VLE?

If you have a journal article PDF you want to upload, you must only upload it if NUA has an active subscription to that journal title including access to that article. You must then report to us that you have uploaded it by emailing

If you have a journal article PDF, but NUA does not subscribe to that journal, you may not upload it under the terms of our licence. In this instance, please contact the Library to see if we can help you.

If you have a chapter of a book in digital form, again you may upload it only if we own a copy of that work. Do also remember the Library has a very large collection of e-books, so you can link directly to these from the VLE to help students access their reading material quickly and easily. If you’d like help with this please ask.

Please note: best practice is to link to PDFs available freely on the internet rather than reproduce them.