Welcome to Study Skills

  • Study Skills at NUA offers practical techniques and guidance for independent learning.
  • It is available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Learn more about the types of support available in this video.

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How can I access Study Skills support?


  • These pages contain guidance on a range of skills.
  • Look out for the PDF Study Skills guides, videos and e-books for further study.


  • Book a tutorial via the Study Skills VLE page.
  • You can be at any stage of an assignment. Turn up with questions, notes, mind maps or draft writing.
  • Alternatively, email study.skills@nua.ac.uk with any questions or for digital feedback on writing.

Workshops and drop-ins:

  • Signup workshops run throughout the academic year.
  • See the 2020-2021 programme on the VLE.
  • If you’re a member of staff, you can request a bespoke session through the workshop booking form.


  • Use the glossary below to find definitions for key terms used at university.
  • Also see the list of handy eBooks about studying at university.

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Try these sources to get started: https://tinyurl.com/vt4qpbx