Your Library account

Check your Library account online or via the app to see:

  • Loans – see how much you have on loan, and when it’s due back
  • Overdues – shows what is overdue, and how much is owed. If possible, you can also renew items via the app or online.
  • Reservations – make reservations and check the status of reserved items.
  • Loan history – the online version (see below) also shows you what you’ve borrowed in the past – handy for bibliographies!
Checking your Library account online:

To log in, go the Library catalogue homepage. At the top right of the screen is the option to “Login to your account”.

Click this, and then enter your NUA Username and Password (if prompted). 

The ‘Account’ tab will show you what you have out on loan, when it is due back, with the option to renew items via tickboxes.

You can also view your loan history online.

Checking your Library account via the MyCirqa app:

If you prefer to keep tabs on your library account via your phone, try the new MyCirga app.

(Scroll down to the app helpsheet for more details).

You will get emailed your PIN at the beginning of your course, just contact us  if you forget it and we’ll re-set it for you.